How to Print Instagram Photos

Get more than ‘likes’ by uploading and printing your best Instagram photos using Groovebook. If you’re an Instagram junkie, chances are you have whole albums of perfectly captured moments. Instead of compiling a Camera Roll of forgotten photos, print each of your Instagram photos in a shareable photo book.

If you’re wondering how to print Instagram photos, follow these steps below to get started:

1) Download the free app

Visit the Apple or Google Play store to download Groovebook to your smartphone.

2) Synch Groovebook to your Camera Roll

If your Instagram photos automatically save to your Camera Roll, select ‘Camera Roll’ at the top of your screen and select your ‘Instagram’ album instead.

3) Select your favorite photos

Combine photos you’ve taken with Instagram or your smartphone camera to create a photo book that showcases all your adventures.

4) Create your account and submit!

With your favorite Instagram photos selected, complete your Groovebook by submitting your email, mailing address and billing information. Groovebooks print 2 – 3 days after submitting and arrive at your doorstep in 15 – 18 business days!

Easier than picking out a filter, Groovebook allows you to create a monthly catalog of your best ‘grams.’ Create a selfie photo book of you and your friends or a collection of foodie photos from all the restaurants you’ve dined at. Groovebook also makes it easy to share printed photos with perforated edges, so you can make copies of that epic sunset you and your family witnessed while on vacation.

Learn more about Groovebook by downloading the app today!

Why Print Your Instagram
Photos with Groovebook

If you’re like us, you’re taking more photos than you can count every month. Instead of having them take up space on your photo, print and preserve your favorites in a monthly book. For as low as $3.99/month, you can upload and print 40 – 100 Instagram photos. Once you have your book uploaded, we’ll ship it straight to your door. Talk about instant gratification.

Benefits of Printing Instagram
Photos with Groovebook

  • Our free app means you can upload directly from your Camera Roll—no special downloads or saving necessary
  • Perforated edges makes printing playful—share your best Instagrams with family and friends
  • Printing is as easy as taking the photo—just select, upload and save