Shareable Photo Flip Books

Create fun and shareable photo flip books for as low as $3.99/month. Groovebook is a completely customizable photo book that you can create straight from your smartphone.

With Groovebook you can select 40 – 100 of your favorite photos to create a unique flip book every month. Our flip books come in a convenient 4×6” size that makes it easy to collect and share with family and friends. Create your first Groovebook by downloading our app:

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New flip book every month

No more collecting digital dust. Instead, print your photos in our fun monthly flip book. For the low price of 4 cents per photo, you don’t have to worry about picking a few favorites.

Tear and share photos

Our flip books come with perforated edges so you can tear and share any photo. With up to 100 photos per book, print multiples so everyone can take home a memory.

Free, easy shipping

Your shipping costs are included with a monthly subscription of $3.99/month. No more errands to the printers or buying extra supplies. Your Groovebook arrives at your door ready to enjoy.

Why Groovebook?

If you’re like us, you take a lot of photos. But instead of snapping and forgetting, turn every family vacation, baby milestone or the everyday selfie into something you’ll cherish for months to come.

With our flip book design and monthly subscription, every month is a new possibility. Create a book of the recent weekend getaway with friends or the daily milestones of your little ones. Get started today by downloading our free app and build your first book!