Make Your Own Book in 3 Easy Steps

Groovebook is a customizable photo book maker that captures all your favorite memories directly from your smartphone. Instead of letting your photos collect digital dust in your Camera Roll, our free app and monthly subscription turns your daily snaps into special keepsakes and shareable prints.

To get started, following these simple steps to start making your own book:

1) Download our free app

Visit the Apple or Google Play store to download Groovebook to your smartphone.

2) Select your favorite photos to add to your first book

After connecting Groovebook to your photos, select 40 – 100 favorite images to upload.

3) Create your account and submit!

Provide your name, email, address and billing information, then submit your photos. Your Groovebook will arrive in the mail via free USPS bulk mail 15 – 18 business days later.

Since Groovebook photos arrive every month, we take the hard work out of organizing and saving your smartphone photos. After making your first Groovebook, we’ll keep track of which photos you’ve already printed and save your shipping information for next month’s batch!

By making your own book every month, you can make your everyday memories last. Create monthly themed photo books, like a collection of your last vacation or pictures of Mom for her birthday. The types of books you can create are as unique as the life you live!

Benefits of Using Groovebook

  • Free shipping included in your monthly subscription
  • Make your photo book from our app and add photos as you go
  • Receive 100 prints for 3 cents a photo
  • Perforated edges make it easy to share prints with friends and family

Photo Books You Can Make

With our low monthly subscription, make every book special. Ideas for your next Groovebook could be

  • The growth of your newborn—from birth to first birthday!
  • A selfie catalog of you and your friends
  • Highlights from your last vacation
  • Romantic snaps of you and your beau

About Groovebook

Groovebook offers monthly photo books with free shipping for only $3.99/month. Every month, select 40 – 100 of your favorite photos from your smartphone and upload them using the Groovebook app. From the breathtaking sunset you caught on your commute home to your family holiday gathering, even everyday occurrences can be captured as something extraordinary.